Sergey Vtorov

Sergey Vtorov is a craftsman of family jewellery in ethnical and Slavonic style. He was born on the 17th of November 1961 in Russia, he is a Scorpio, that is why he is a mystic and esoteric paying a lot of attention to spiritual growth. As a water sign representative he has a strong intuition.

He is a certified architect, he was engaged in designing for over 10 years, he is an artist and sculptor. During his whole life he has been striving to create and now his self-actualization is at its acme.

Kin, Family, Heritage are the values that were inherited from numerous generations of his ancestors. It’s the basis of his art.

Interest in Celtic and Ancient Slavonic ornaments, Ancient Slavonic runes, the use of lithotherapeutic and astrologic knowledge, the command of the wave theory of stones, the use of Ancient Slavonic averting tokens and symbols for luck and protection and inimitable and unique design turn his works into an absolutely new brand.

Accomplishing the particular mission of reviving traditions of the Russian aristocracy and nominal family jewellery, the author creates a new jewellery style. From generation to generation family jewellery accumulate positive potential of the kin, help to keep generation in touch. Created bearing in mind family unicity, protected by ancient averting Slavonic symbols, burning the negative energy of the owner, the jewellery of this craftsman leave only strength and power.

Every jewellery is unique, it is created for a particular person and it is nominal. In every work an individual author’s style can be seen, you will not mistake with any other well-known jewellery brand, all this will advance its value and the assets of the family and kin.