Sergey Vtorov

Features connecting minerals with living organisms.

1. A living organism reacts to the factors of the environment. Crystals have these features as well. When pressed, crystals of topaz, tourmalin and quartz generate charges on their surface. This phenomenon was called piezoelectric effect. Crystals of tourmalin are sensitive to temperature increase. If the crystal is electrified, its temperature changes.

2. Living organisms absorb energy from outside and transform it. Crystals have similar features.

3. Crystals can get sick.

4. But the most amazing feature is the ability to remember and keep information.

5. In the world of minerals there is an analogue to epitaxy (crystal growth process).

Crystals with the latitude of the same type can grow on one another. For example, potassium alum grows on chromic; natrium chloride grows on potassium chloride.

All the mentioned features of crystals show that in the stone we can find static and dynamic analogues of the phenomena which are characteristic of the living nature. Like a living organism a crystal can grow, feed and reproduce itself. Although externally it is inert and motionless, inside a stone lives its life.

6. Energy-informational fields existing around every object in the universe are of no doubt now. According to Rudolf Steiner, at the physical level every stone has a material body, and on the astral plane with the help of clairvoyance an ethereal body of the mineral can be seen.

From the outer side an astral body has a lot of rays which pierce the ethereal body of the mineral like needles. This situation goes in line with the research carried out according to the Kirlian effect. The radiated energy influences the body of man, his cells and tissues.

Minerals and environment are constantly exchanging energies, thus creating various energetic vibrations depending on the individual energetic structure of the stone. The human organism and the stone are constantly exchanging information and energetics.

A researcher E.I.Gonikman found out that there is a bioresonance between the fields of the man and a stone, the crystals can be „polluted” by the fields of other people who were in contact with it (minerals bought from other people or presented). After cleaning it is possible to create a connection between a stone and a new owner.

The easiest way to clean a mineral is to wash it in the flowing water for 15 minutes.

Ancient priests knew that gem stones could activate our energetic centers (cakras) and tune them unisonously with particular cosmic vibrations.

7. Mineral crystals have healing features.

8. Crystals of some minerals have protecting features.

Minerals, gem stones and metals can protect a human organism from negative magnetic emanations facing an attack.

Also there are two more interesting features:
— an ability of crystals to absorb the energy of musical sounds and keep it;
— a reaction to the hit.

The feature of biocatalysis was found out by the modern scientists (transformation of one substance into another), it is an alchemic reaction which takes place on the nuclear level in the organism of a human being or an animal.

In parapsychology the ability of sensitives to get information from any objects is called psychometry. They say that stones only seem to be silent, but to those who can listen they can tell stories about difficult lives of people, about grief and joy, and about their amazing features and abilities.

Uranova „Influence of minerals on man”. Moscow, 2003.

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