Sergey Vtorov

Stones are carriers, concentrators and transformers of energies. They can accumulate, give and change energy. Energy transformation is the main task of minerals.

1. Even within the borders of one mineral kind every representative of the mineral world is unique; every mineral has its own essence and character.

When the mineral is taken out of the parent rock the individual essence gets activated.

2. Stones can not change their structure, thus they can not passively convey the will of some person.

By magical means you can make the stone work for you, but it’s more likely that it will prefer death and get broken, but will not be a servant.

Minerals serve only to the light and to the good, when a person begins to work and improve himself, minerals do their best to help him.

3. Every mineral has consciousness.

4. A stone has a constant connection with the world of minerals. All our actions are fixed on non-human level not only in our dimension, but in parallel worlds.

5. Every stone has its character and its ability to endure. From time to time a stone needs to have a rest. When the patience runs out, the stone grows turbid, changes its colour, you can not get it off, because it squeezes your finger, or vice versa it falls off or falls out of the pendant etc. Over this period it is better to keep it off.

Every stone has healthy and sick colours.

Sometimes even very solid stones crack, burst or fall to pieces. It is the last warning or reminder that the person does something wrong. Also it can predict forthcoming rough times.

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